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Close call

Winter has arrived with a bang, pretty much all over the country. Here in Massachusetts, we have almost 15 inches of snow and it has finally stopped snowing after 2.5 days. It started on Friday afternoon and just stopped late Sunday evening.

I don’t go courting trouble in this type of weather, but there were a few important errands to run on Saturday. We don’t celebrate Christmas, so I don’t have a lot of gifts to buy, but I still needed to do the minimum – gifts for the kids teachers in school, the piano teacher, the cleaning lady etc. And we have only two days left to give it out. I probably shouldn’t have put it off so long, but … Considering the weather wasn’t any better on Sunday, I just headed out on Saturday afternoon. The roads were not fully cleared but it was drivable. The driving to the store and shopping was pretty uneventful, but it was quite slow since it was all crowded and the parking lost were very messy. While coming back though, about 4 miles away from home, my Honda CRV, just veered off to the left lane because of the snow and ice. I frantically steered right and it want left and I over corrected and before I realized, the car just spun around and I crashed into the snow back exactly perpendicular to the direction of the traffic. I was so lucky because I was right next to a street light pole. It would have been a LOT worse if I had crashed into it. My mouth was dry and heart was racing. This was my first time in such a situation and I think I do panic easily. Lots of cars did pass by me slowly, and I sat there with hazards on. It was about 5.15 pm (dark!) and I contemplated calling PK to come bail me out of the mess. Then I calmed myself down and when no cars were around, I slowly backed off of the snow pile and ever so slowly eased back into the road and drove at less than 25 mph the rest of the way home. It took me a few hours to recover and was thankful it all ended well.

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Ice storm havoc

The ice storm which pelted the North East on Thursday night has wrecked the daily lives of over a million people all over New England and upstate New York. Our work site was without power much of Friday. Most states have declared a state of emergency. We were lucky that we have had electricity at our home through out. Many others have been out of power since Thursday night and some are still without it after 72 hours. Portable generators have been completely sold out and hotels are all booked for the weekend. Our friends from Merrimack, NH spent the weekend with us and went back tonight to a hotel near their home hoping they will have their power restored on Monday. Here’s wishing everyone can stay warm at their homes, in hotels or the temporary shelters that have been setup …

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