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The much awaited day is finally here!! AK lost his first tooth today at 6 yrs, 7 months! Most of his friends had started losing their teeth around 5.5 yrs, so he had been really anxious to lose some. Then in the last 6 months about 4 of them had become loose, but none were falling. Added to that his adult teeth couldn’t wait any longer and they started sprouting about 2 weeks ago. It looked ghastly but when asked, he said it didn’t hurt. Then today, he couldn’t take it any longer, I guess. One of the lower ones was so loose, he twirled it around with his finger and tongue and finally took it out. He went to bed wondering if the tooth fairy would visit and how much he’d get for his tooth. He was also telling me that one his friends got her money in a gift wrap! I don’t have the patience for that and intend to tell him that is only for the girls …

On a different note, he’s apparently skiing very well. Hope to get a chance soon to see him. The last time I tried to do that, SK (yes, she explicitly asked me to call her that!) gave me a hard time. She wanted to walk up the bunny slope and stand in line for the rope. She was running all over and I was afraid that she would be in the way of people reaching the base. She fusses every time they leave home for skiing or ice skating. AK wants me to go watch him and she won’t let me do that. PK says he can’t wait to take her and I can’t wait for the day that all three will be gone doing something fun and I will have some time alone to myself!

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