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Pumpkin festival

The Pumpkin Festival in Keene, NH was a unique experience. This year, it was on Oct 20th. Although it was a long drive, we enjoyed it because the fall colors were very good along the small roads which lead there and the weather was most enjoyable. The kids enjoyed the ride on a school bus from the parking area to the event. There were pumpkins of all shapes and sizes carved really beautifully. Some were such intricate work. It was our first time, so I thoroughly enjoyed. I could not take as many pictures as I wanted, just because of the huge moving crowds and for fear of losing the kids in the crowd if I take my eyes off them for too long. My favorites were ones with a witch, several with hanging bats, cats, a light house and a man and a woman dancing. At some point though, I couldn’t help but think of the sheer amount of food wasted.

Pumpkin Festival

Although, it was a pleasant evening, we didn’t stay for the fireworks since neither of the kids are fans of fireworks and we had a long drive back. We also had our usual share of frustrations which are common to such events:

  • We overshot the event parking signs and went around a long time in the hopes of finding something closer but had to finally go back to the designated parking and then ride the bus after several minutes wait.
  • The lines at the food stalls were unbelievably long for an event of that size, considering the number of vendors. Forget food, even lines for drinks like hot cider were winding endlessly. Thank God, I had packed our staple PBJs for the kids (although S doesn’t do a great job with it) and some bananas for us, we survived until we went to an empty Domino’s near the shuttle bus stop, for our ride back.
  • Pushing strollers in such huge crowds in the night, it was painful for everyone – for the parents with the strollers, the kids and the kid-free crowds. I don’t know how S sat for a good amount of time. (We had to pick her up several times, but still). It must have been claustrophobic to be so low down and be surrounded by people, not being able to see a thing.

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