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It all started about 3 years ago – summer of ’05. PK used to have all kinds of fancy wishes. One of them was to buy a motorcycle. I used to tease him that he had hit an early mid-life crisis and he should just let it pass. After about the fourth time he had asked me if he should go ahead and buy one, I told him to first go get a license and then we could decide. I really wasn’t expecting any action on his part. With in a week, he got his learner’s permit, did the riders’ course and got his license.

Without going into too many details, he put himself in the uncomfortable position of being obliged to buy a friend’s motorcycle. That meant, not much negotiations on any thing. When it officially became his, it was mid-September, almost the end of the riding season. Soon after that, it had some problem and wouldn’t start. He had to get it towed to the repair shop and get it fixed. We were down several hundered dollars, on top of the thousands that we already paid. I began to hate it. The motorcycle itself is actually quite good looking. It is a Harley and is the envy of most of his/our friends. But he barely gets any opportunities to ride it. The weather only permits its use about four or five months in a year. With his constant business travels, he spends little time at home. During those same months, we are busy with all kinds of summer fun. So, he doesn’t get to ride often. And he doesn’t have any company either, so he mostly goes on short rides with in a 50 mile radius. There’s the registration, insurance and other ongoing costs. For how little it gets used, it is draining.

This week, due to some unforeseen circumstances, it spent two nights in heavy rain in my office parking lot. I don’t want to nag him but I’ll be glad when if he gets rid of it.

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