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Crazy monday morning

SK has been unwell the last couple days. She had mild temperature and very little appetite. I attributed it mostly to the scorching weather here (mid 90s for the third day in a row, expected to continue for 2 more days) since she had no other symptoms. She was fever free last evening, so I was hoping she was on the mend. She woke up at 5.30 am and asked for milk. She drank it all and promptly threw it up all over herself, me, the bed and the bathroom. It took me over an hour to clean up the whole mess, bathe her and shower. Then she went back to bed and I went about my morning, goading AK to get ready, packing his lunch etc, all the while not sure how she would be when she woke up. She was still sleeping at 7.40 am and I was talking to AK about walking to the bus stop all by himself, in case she didn’t wake up. I was also trying to explain to him that I may not be able to attend the medal ceremony in his school in case she was unwell. Just then I heard her awake and went up. She asked for water. I picked her up and she felt a bit warm. Still holding her, I put the thermometer in her ear. That triggered another all out throw up session on both of us and another half hour more of frantic cleaning. I now feel the whole bedroom and bathroom are stinking. The laundry is still pending.

Since I don’t have alternate childcare, armed with lots of extra towels and paper towels, we both attended the award ceremony. She did great, was very quiet and well behaved for the 30 minutes. Then, when we were leaving she started fussing that she wanted to go to her school and not back home. It has taken me an hour now to calm her down and accept that she will be home today. We have the pediatrician appointment in an hour – I just hope it is nothing too bad. And I hope we get some relief from this hot, hellish weather.

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