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The town of Devarayanadurga seen from the top

On Sunday morning, the agenda was to hike Devarayanadurga. We left around 6.20 am. Traffic wasn’t too bad. We reached Devarayanadurga at about 9 am (this included a 45 minute break ) at Kamat Upachar, just before the Dobbaspet flyover, so it is less than a 2 hour drive from Bangalore. The directions are pretty accurate on the internet and once past Uradigere, there are frequent signs, so you won’t get lost easily.

The weather was pleasant. At the base of the hill, we saw the auto road going up to the Yoganarasimha temple, but we didn’t want to drive up. After looking around, we found the stone steps leading up. After about half hour of climbing up, we saw some cactus plants amidst all the surrounding greenery. The views from here were beautiful. At this point the path was covered with overgrown shrubs and we spent a few minutes exploring alternate paths. When nothing was feasible, we just cleared the overgrown stuff and crouched through, emerging a few meters away into clearer path. Few minutes later we got slightly lost again and didn’t know how to proceed. One person from the group, climbed up on a tall boulder and could see the trail had again been blocked by overgrown plants. After this the trail joins the auto road. At this junction we saw the guest house, it’s a great location and would be nice for an overnight stay. If you continue beyond this point on the auto road itself, you will reach the parking lot for the cars. From here, its less than a 10 minute climb to the temple. The place is full of monkeys, so it was a bit unnerving, but this is a common problem in most places here. The place was crowded. We were very hesitant to visit the temple since no one had showered, but didn’t want to not go in either, since we had come this far. We just went in briefly and came out quickly, not waiting for all the rituals to be done. The path continues up from here to the summit. We climbed up another 10 minutes or so, but by now the kids were tired and hungry and didn’t want to go up all the way (except AK).

Another panoramic view from the top

So we stopped, had sandwiches, took pictures and headed back. Once we reached the parking lot, it was clear that the smallest ones in the group couldn’t climb all the way down. So PK and the other dad in the group took an autorickshaw down to the base and drove our cars up. While driving down we noticed a newer set of stone steps along the auto road. This is probably the newer way to climb up and was all clear, unlike the path we took which was partly covered with overgrown shrubs. But that was more scenic anyway. We were down by 12.45 pm. There are a lot of other places nearby to visit (Namada chilume etc) but since the kids were tired, we just headed back home.


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It was a beautiful weekend here in the Northeast. Sunny and low 60s. Here in Central Massachusetts, the colors have turned in pockets, and I think the coming weekend will be more colorful than last. We hiked up Mt Wachusett after many months, on the usual Pine Hill trail. This is the shortest but it is pretty rocky and steep. It is about 2 miles round trip. The trail was pretty busy but still quite enjoyable. The highlight though was that SK climbed the entire mile up all by herself. She just turned three last week, so I’m pretty thrilled that she did it easily without any whining. AK did it at that age too, but he needed a lot more goading, encouragement and treats along the way. On the way back, she came on the hiking chair.

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