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This last week, I was dropping of SK at her day care in the morning. She usually hangs around with me while I complete the routine (sign-in sheet, hang her coat, hat & mittens, put her lunch box in her cubby), but this morning she headed straight into the puzzles area and sat down with one. So, when I was done, I was just very curious as to what she was so drawn towards and had a bit of time on hand, so I drew up another tiny chair and sat with her at the table. She didn’t even look up and continued working on it. After about 2 minutes, she gave a sweet smile and said “Go home, mommy”. Taken aback, I said “what?!”. So, she corrects herself “Go to work, mommy”. She is all of 2 yrs and 4 months! I remember AK used to be around 5 when, he really wanted to get rid of me to hang out with friends. This girl is growing up too fast. And anyway, all this independence is only as long as she is her day care. As soon as she’s home, she needs to be picked up and held all the time. That’s probably a sign (I hope!) that she indeed misses us during the day.

I have not been able to capture even a tenth of all the fun things she does or says. A few months ago, when we were driving to AK’s school to pick him up, I had to brake hard suddenly because some one cut me off. So, I just instictively said “Sorry” as I braked. So, now whenever there is even a small jerk or tilt, she goes “Say sorry, mommy”. What’s more, the other day we were riding in a friend’s car and he did some huge swerves (based on confusing directions from his GPS and his wife) and she asks me to say sorry to her. And today I realized she has become a complete backseat driver. I was going at the specified speed limit, but it was a bit of a down hill and she goes, “Slow down, mommy. ok?”. I hope she’s not going and telling her preschool buddies about her mom’s driving! (I’m not really that bad), but she was the last one I was hoping to get a lecture from.

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