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A trip to the circus

Yesterday, we all went to see “the greatest show on earth“. It was awesome! We had seen it two years ago too, but I don’t remember being this impressed (May be the sleepless nights with a 6 month old or whatever). This time was different. The kids had fun too, but I guess I enjoyed it most of all. When we left, I was feeling so hyper, but the kids were really tired and sleepy (thankfully not cranky). They enjoyed the animal shows the best – tigers, elephants, zebras etc. There were some cute tricks by poodles – back flips which got progressively faster, it was unbelievable. SK was too young to appreciate the tight-rope walkers and the trapeze artists, but at those times she would just curiously look around the audience and keep herself entertained. If only the had made the cotton candy more affordable, it would have been a perfect evening.

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