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Birthday time again

Our little doll, SK, turned three yesterday. To celebrate, we had a “paint your own pottery” party for her. There were eight kids in all and each one got to choose either a sandwich plate or a cereal bowl. Most chose the plate and I think it was a wise decision, since the bowls are bigger and more time consuming. They started off very enthusiastically. They were particular about the colors they would use and the patterns they would make. The little boys soon got restless and after 15 minutes or so, started walking around. The girls did better. But the parents all loved it and completed their kids’ projects. Many parents did their own pieces too. After the kids painted the back of the plates and bowls, they did their hand prints on the front. It will now be glazed in an oven and ready to pick up in a week or so. It was everyone’s first time and they all had a blast. One of the mom’s suggested we do a girls’ night out sometime. They allow “adult beverages” in the evening time and that can add to the fun. Even PK liked it. None of us are the artsy type, so I was pleasantly surprised when he suggested that on a rainy afternoon or evening, we can all go again. I think I have enough painted pottery now, so I want to try the mosaic or glass fusion projects. I think older kids, especially girls, will probably enjoy it more.

Then, we had yummy Dora cake from an awesome local bakery, pizza, chips, soda etc. The kids were all too hyper – screaming, jumping and running and didn’t eat much. It is amazing how much food gets wasted at these parties. I have noticed at every one I have been too. But at least the adults did a great job with the cake and pizza. All in all, it was a fun party. All the guests will have a nice memento too – on each of their pottery pieces, the hostess wrote in a beautiful hand the guests’ names, and at the back she wrote the date and “S’s party”. It was so pretty but doing it on twelve pieces looked like quite a lot of work. But she said it helps them keep all the pieces from a party together. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to getting their art work back.

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Another year gone by

AK turned seven last week. The years have gone by so fast, it is SCARY! He looks and feels like a really big boy now. He chose to have a bowling birthday party at AMF. There were 10 kids from his class and two little ones (our own SK and a friend of hers). Surprisingly, the little ones left older ones alone and didn’t fuss that they wanted to bowl too. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they just hung around playing their own little games. They got to bowl for an hour and was nice to watch. I do think the older kids’ party is more fun. At younger ages, it is more work for the parents, but now, most parents just drop off the kids who play by themselves. We socialized with the few parents who chose to stay.

After the game, there was the party. The pizza was so-so, but the kids really lapped it up, some more than others. I felt it was too salty. Then was the cake cutting – we had ice cream cake. And then it was giving out the party favors and bye-byes. It was a very enjoyable evening.


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