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It took me some effort to familiarize myself with the name of the trail, but it is one of the most beautiful ones we have been on. This past weekend was absolutely wonderful. 70 and sunny for pretty much all four days – Friday through Monday. Even though we had a ton of errands related to the work that is happening this week at our home, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

So, on Saturday we loaded the bikes and headed out to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Even though we have lived in MA for eight years and I have been thinking of fitting in a trip for years, it had somehow never happened. We have made a lot of such trips happen this year. We had initially considered camping but chickened out since its a bit cold in the evenings. So, this was going to be a day trip (we didn’t make plans early enough and late reservations are hard to get in peak fall foliage season). Ashuwillticook trail is 11 miles long and runs from Cheshire to Adams. Our origin was Cheshire. Parking was very hard to find and after hanging around for a bit, one of the cars left and we grabbed that spot.  We started around 1 pm and it took us about an hour and 45 minutes to reach Adams (including about 30 minutes in various breaks). It is a very scenic trail – with ponds, rivers, mountains and the colors were pretty good. There are plenty of picnic benches along the way. They were all very clean and new. Even the trail is very well maintained. The Visitor Center in Adams was spanking new with clean restrooms and very helpful and friendly staff. We stopped there for about half hour and started our return at 3.15 pm. Some sections were a gradual hill and we were pretty tired towards the end. The last couple of miles all of us struggled. Its nice to have company in misery! We were back at the car exactly at 5 pm. Even though temperatures were in the low 50s by now and we all had our sweatshirts on, we stopped at Krispy Kones for some ice cream. Then it was a long drive back.

The colors were absolutely stunning around Mount Greylock, but it was getting dark pretty quick, so we barely enjoyed that for a few minutes. Most of the towns in the Northern Berkshires (Williamstown, North Adams) were very charming. It had been a while since we had driven in mountainous region and Rt 2 was quite a drive in those parts. I only wished we had a few more daylight hours to enjoy all that.

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Some people are calling us crazy, but we are making the best of our short summer. On Saturday, we started off @ 8.30 am to one of our favorite bike trails – Cape cod canal trail in Buzzards bay. The day started off damp, cloudy and foggy. But when we arrived there and were getting ready to start off, it cleared up. Although it was a bit muggy, the pleasant breeze from the canal kept us cool through out. Unlike our last year’s experience, the trail was not very crowded. We did the 7 miles in about 50 minutes. AK is not really zipping in his new bike as I had thought he would. I think he still finds it a bit too tall for him. But overall, it was still a good effort. The trail ends in Scusset beach. The beach was deserted and visibility was low from the fog around there. The kids briefly played in the sand. We had a Sagamore bridgequick brunch and started back around noon. We were back at the car by 1 pm. Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge

From there, we were off to North Kingstown, RI to attend the annual RI air show. This year the British Red Arrows were the main draw. I was really blown away by the show. I liked it much better than last year’s Blue angels show (although their thundering sounds were more impressive than the Red Arrows). The Red Arrows were so quiet that, at times, I wouldn’t even know where they were coming from, until the announcer would say it. But the show was spectacular – 9 planes, in all sorts of close formation and giving out red, white and blue clouds of smoke in different patterns! The kids enjoyed it too. Although the show was over by 4.30 pm, we hung around there for an extra hour, with few other friends, mainly to avoid the crawl back to the highway. Last year, it was a nightmare, where it took us well over an hour to go about 4 miles to join the highway.

British red ArrowState Capitol In Providence, RI

Next stop was Providence downtown. When we reached there, we found easy street parking and let SK nap in the car a bit longer. PK caught up on calls to friends and I walked around to the capitol and took the picture above. Even though we had snacked on a lot of junk food during the air show, everyone was hungry. Most of us went to the waterplace basin, to snag good spots to see the Waterfire. Two friends were kind enough to get very yummy Pizza, Onion rings and french fries. The weather was very pleasant and we were well fed. So all of us hung around happily for the lighting to start. Once the fire was lit, it was a beautiful sight and the music and the warmth, sweet smell and crackling sound of the wood made it a truly unique experience. I wished we could have hung around longer but all of us were so tired and we had the hour long drive back too, so we left around 10 pm. Then we had a relaxing, lazy Sunday.


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