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Fine day for apple picking

Today was a glorious day here in the Northeast – sunny and 73. PK is out of town, so I was in charge of entertaining the kids. Although I’m quite used to being a single mom, it is usually only on the week days, since PK is invariably home for the weekends. Apple picking had been on my list of to-do with the kids since PK is not keen on this activity.

We left home after breakfast. The farm I had in mind is about a half hour drive from home. I had been here once for a team even from work. When we arrived there, it wasn’t very crowded yet. We first spent a few minutes looking at the animals and then we stood in line to pay and pick up the bags. There were two choices – a smaller bag which holds about 10 lbs and a bigger one for 20 lbs. I made the mistake of asking AK to pick up whichever bag he wants and he went for the bigger one. We spent the next 90 minutes strolling in the orchard, picking apples, climbing ladders, taking photos. We had a great time. We ate one each while picking. The kids enjoyed it a great deal. Filling the 20 lb bag wasn’t too hard, although initially I thought it would be, since we were only finding damaged and bruised fruit. But the further inside that we walked, we came across much better ones, so we quickly filled the bag.

By around noon, it was getting a bit too hot and crowded. I wanted to try some cider doughnuts in their shop, but the lines were just too long. I now have a ton of apples and just me and the two little ones to try and finish! No, I’m not into any cooking with apples (Indian cooking is not big on using apples, or any other fruit, for that matter). The last time I went apple picking I had the same problem. I had looked up recipes for pies and jelly, but didn’t attempt either. I will be giving away some to friends and neighbors but we will still be eating a lot of apples in the coming weeks 🙂

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