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I’m feeling particularly down today. A culmination of events at work and outside has left me totally drained.

It has been a very difficult month at work. What is supposed to be a quiet time usually, with many people out on vacation, turned out to be a difficult few weeks. The week that I took off last week did help, but it has been barely four days since that vacation and I’m already feeling in the dumps again.

Dealing with government agencies is very hard, especially in India. No one is answerable to any one and you are at the mercy of the case workers handling your case. They don’t have respect for anyone’s time. Everyone has the attitude that they are doing you a huge favor and you should be indebted to them. There are very few people who get things done, especially without the attitude. They have such fat egos. You literally have to tippy toe around their fragile egos. So, we spent 3 wasted hours at one such office this afternoon. PK had a train to catch @ 7 pm, but we hung around in the corridors of this office from 2 – 5 pm, two kids in tow, who were sleepy, bored and hyper. We have to go back next week again.

Tomorrow is my father-in-law’s 70th birthday celebration in Trichy. The whole family was supposed to go, but we found out just this week that tomorrow is the annual Sports meet at my son’s school. This school doesn’t seem to believe in advance notice and assumes that parents can just appear at the school at the drop of a hat. Everyone seems to hold us prisoners. So, AK and I had to cancel our trip. So, after the afternoon’s fiasco, PK and SK left hurriedly to the train station around 6 pm, hoping they wouldn’t miss the train. They were sad to leave us and go, we were disappointed we couldn’t go and my in-laws are also very disappointed that we aren’t going. There are not that many functions in the immediate family, so I had really been looking forward to going for this. So, it will be just me at the Sports meet tomorrow to watch AK do some martial arts and also receive a medal for second place in running.

All these also mean, I have been away from the office on and off. That is putting additional pressure at work. To de-stress, I’m researching summer vacation options!! Or maybe it is a stupid attempt to escape from reality.

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