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I’m not making this up, honestly. One fine morning last week, while eating breakfast, 3.5 yr old SK had this to say about how we became her parents. In her own words – “When I was born, I was all alone in the hospital, and then I saw you guys. I said to myself, hmmmm, may be they can be my parents and that is how you became my parents and brought me home.” I asked her teachers if any such conversations had happened at school and they just couldn’t stop laughing and assured me no such discussions had taken place. They added that she had a great imagination!


She has become quite observant of clothes, accessories etc, it is just amazing where they pick it up. Any one who knows me will attest that I’m not much into fashion. I just keep myself presentable. Few weeks back, she started this new thing – she slides off one of the shoulders of her top and says she wants a “princess dress” just like the one Belle has. (For the uninitiated, Belle is the princess in Beauty and the Beast). And anyone who visits and is dressed well, she showers compliments. Especially, AK’s piano teacher. As soon as she comes, it starts – “I like your hair”, “I like your shirt”, “I like your scarf”, “I like your purse”. So much that I start feeling embarrassed and ask her to stop.


After almost eight weeks of not travelling, PK was in Long Island this week. I think she got used to having him home and missed him a lot. She used to ask every day when we came home, where he was and when he would be back, even though she is used to him being out regularly. One very touching incident was on Wednesday evening. There was a showing at home, so after I picked up the kids from their schools, I took them out for pizza. As we were waiting for our order, I heard her say “I am alone” or something to that affect. Since AK and I were there with her, I didn’t know what she was talking about and I asked her to repeat. She clarified, “I feel alone here in Papa Gino’s without Daddy”. Goes without saying, PK was pretty thrilled when he heard about it, especially since she is such a mama’s girl.


She can be very affectionate and showers everyone with lots of hugs and kisses. She proudly told me one day, “When I grow up, do you know who I’m going to marry? You”. She couldn’t understand why everyone else was laughing.




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