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For over two weeks, our home has been undergoing spring cleaning, on steroids. We have discovered nooks and corners of the house we didn’t even know existed. We have donated a lot of stuff, sold a few things and just crammed the rest of the junk into boxes and stacked them in an unused room and/or the basement. Still there seems to be stuff oozing out of everywhere, but it is under control. We have busted our behinds off washing all the windows, steam cleaning the carpets, cleaning out the cabinets and drawers etc. The silver lining in all of this? I got rid of the cleaning service.

The house went on the market last week. We had an open house on Sunday. The weather was really nice and there was good turn out. But I’m suspicious of open houses. I think it is mostly just curiosity seekers and very few serious buyers. Whatever. We had one more showing and two more are coming up over the weekend. So, the vacuuming, washing, wiping just doesn’t end. It is hard to be always “show ready”. It has only been a week and sometimes we feel so discouraged. I know it is ridiculous to feel that way – it is taking 4 to 6 months on average for home sales here. But feelings don’t follow logic and rational, right?

To quote a cliche, when it rains it pours. Couple of weeks ago was a pleasant Sunday. We drove to Boston and had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. That was the only good part. From there it went downhill. We found a parking ticket on the car when we went back. After that we were walking around in the city and I dropped our camera. $300 flushed down the drain. Then unexpected four figure repairs on my car. The tap has opened and money is just flowing out.

PK and AK are at the Copper Mountain Resort (near Denver) this weekend for some skiing. Financial and other logistical burdens compelled SK and me to stay back. I’m used to being alone with the kids but it is strange to have AK gone and being just the two of us. They got an earful from me about being cautious and all that stuff. I am always a bit fearful in the back of my mind, but recent news of Natasha Richardson’s accident and death brought these fears to the forefront. I know accidents can happen anywhere, even while doing simple daily activities and all that, but …

Phew, relieved that I got all of that out of my system. Some of that had been bottled up for a while.

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