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Almost a year ago, our family decided to move to India, this summer. The bigger picture of moving back “home” sometime, has been on our minds for a few years now, but the time frame was sort of finalized early last year.


We are faced with the situation of putting our home for sale in this difficult housing market. It is actually terrible timing for us – not just with the house, but for new jobs too. I’m kind of lucky that I will probably be able to move with my current job since my company has operations in Bangalore too. But PK will probably have a tough time finding something good. I only have a job, but absolutely no relocation assistance. And it riles me when people make all-knowing comments how most companies pay for these moves. Have they not been seeing or reading about the happenings all around? My company used to, also. But that was then.


The school situation in Bangalore is extremely competitive. They have all sorts of written tests and interviews for elementary schools. And I’m not talking about elite schools or anything. This is standard operating procedure for just about any school there. The academic calendars don’t coincide either. So AK will probably not have any summer vacation. Probably just about a two or three week break.


We are not able to firm up any dates yet since much depends on what happens with the home. We have spent the last couple of months painting, replacing carpets etc, in preparation for listing it. I don’t deal too well with uncertainty, so it promises to be a tough year. Even if we are able to wrap up everything smoothly here, we will have the other daunting task of actually settling down over there. The kids have never spent more than three to four weeks at a time there. School system will be new. And even though it is my home town, it feels like a new place every time I visit (every two years, in case you are wondering). The place has changed drastically in the last decade.   


A friend asked me if I was feeling nostalgic having to leave this home after having lived here for eight years. Now is not the time for nostalgia for me. There is just too much to be done and a lot of stress about how it will all work out. Hopefully, once that is all ironed out, nostalgia will come (and hit me hard, I’m sure!).


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