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Random thoughts

AK is making good progress on his piano lessons. The other day he was playing some pieces which we really liked. PK, particularly, is very happy since it has been his dream that the kids learn music. I guess something he wished he had the opportunity for when he was younger. He said, “Now I know how the illiterate people feel when their kids learn to read or write”.

When I woke AK up at 6.45 am this morning, he was groggy as usual, but his first question, even before his eyes were fully open was “Did Barack Obama win?”. I know that he was interested in the election and they were discussing it in class, but I didn’t imagine a 7 year old can be this much into it. 

For the Thanksgiving holidays, we are planning to take the kids to DisneyWorld. When I mentioned to the kids that we were going to Florida, SK, who is all of 3 yrs old, said “We need to go buy crocs  before we go to Florida”. For the record, none of us own one, nor anyone in the groups we hang around with, wears one. I wonder what these kids talk about at day care! I thought she probably didn’t know what she was talking about and may be she was just repeating some stuff she had heard. And then, last weekend we were shopping for winter clothes and jackets at The Children’s Place and while I was busy looking for essential stuff, she had wandered to the part of the store where the footwear was, all by herself and was engrossed in trying on the crocs. I was really blown away!

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