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Back to the grind …

After being out for 4 weeks, we returned last weekend. We have been thrown into the routine, right from day one. SK started in a new preschool this week and AK’s school had its first day of classes on the 26th. PK went to Chicago and is back, just for the weekend. And I’m doing the single mom juggle.

Enjoying the long weekend, doing nothing. We would have liked to do one last camping trip, but night time temperatures are quite cold to be outdoors, at least for us. We’ll see.

Vacation was nice and relaxing. We spent a weekend in Brussels and went on to India, where we spent time with both sides of the family. We celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday with friends and extended family. The kids bonded with their cousins. We were supposed to go for a weekend trip to the beach, but we couldn’t since AK and I were down with viral fever for a few days. This was one of the things we had been looking forward to, since the water is so much warmer there. That was a disappointment.

Back to cooking, laundry and the rest of the drill …

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