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Three month check

While I don’t really make new year resolutions, one of the causes of stress for me was the clutter/untidiness of the house. A home with two young kids will probably never be neat and tidy, but what was eating me was the state of the kitchen. Since the beginning of the year, I have been making a conscious effort to put pots and pans back in cabinets and keep the counters clear of clutter and I’m happy to report that I’m doing surprisingly well. Yeah, I know it’s probably a no-brainer, but it was “Eureka” for me, when I discovered the secret was really to spend 15-30 minutes every night to straighten it out instead of letting it all pile up until my fortnightly cleaning before the cleaning lady’s visit. For the floor mess (kids’ gold fish, cereals, cracker and cookie crumbs etc), we bought the Roomba and it has helped a lot. Just switch it on and walk away and it does a fairly decent job. It has also been very helpful for clean-ups after we have had guests, especially with young kids. Now, I’m not nearly as mortified of occasional pop-ins by some friends in the neighborhood. There are still days when I just chill out with a drink and let it all lie around, but overall I think I’m on track.

Now, if only I had such positive news on the diet and exercise bit …


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Silver lining?

It is March and annual performance review time at many companies. After few years of receiving paltry “raises” (I saw the term salary adjustments used somewhere in the blogosphere) which barely kept up with inflation, I was pleasantly surprised today to get an outstanding one, especially considering the turmoil in my own company, the current market for tech jobs, talk of recession etc. It is nice to feel valued for what you do.

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I subscribe to a family travel blog and recently read about families who take a year or more off and travel around the world. With mild curiosity, I clicked through to read about one family who’s planning to start their adventure this summer. And then they have links to many families who have done this in the past and to some who are on the road now. I read with great fascination about one family’s recent trip. I was blown. Ever since, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I raved to PK too, all about it. I’m currently reading “One year off“, one family’s account of their trip (may be one of the earliest?). It’s a great read. My only frustration is that I can’t seem to find enough time to read a substantial portion in any one sitting.

Yesterday evening, we were running our usual weekend chores – library, blockbuster, grocery shopping. The kids were restless and it was pouring outside. For the grocery shopping part, PK and the kids stayed in the car and I ran in and grabbed the essentials. But because it was raining hard, it was a mess to load the groceries in the car, keep the cart and get back in the car. I had not even sat down and AK was talking to me non-stop and it was obvious I was paying any attention to what he was saying – because after all that rush, I just wanted to sit for a minute before I responded. He got annoyed and I snapped back. PK says, “Oh, we’ll never be able to survive one year off”. For now, we have some modest goals.

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