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Year end reflections

This has been a great year in my book (not that I evaluate every year, this is my first time, that too because of this blog).

The positives:

  1. Got to do lots of travel. Especially the trip to Banff, which I have wanted to, for years.
  2. Hiked up Mount Washington (that too, the opportunity to do it came up quite unexpectedly).
  3. Kids are growing up well. AK is now in first grade, is learning piano and had his first recital, And he started learning skiing this week. S (may be I should call her SK from now on, for consistency), is talking a LOT for the last 6 months, has been completely potty trained and amazes us everyday with her vocabulary, her thoughts and observations.
  4. I tried my hand at something new – blogging, and I have liked it. Although the frequency and enthusiasm tapered off the last 3 months, overall, I still consider it a success since I have posted at least once every month and have not completely given up.

The negatives:

  1.  My dodamma’s sudden and tragic death. I can’t even begin to write my thoughts about this one.
  2. My mom’s health. Her diabetes is not under control and she’s not taking good care. My dad seems to be a bit indifferent and we (the kids) are tired of nagging her about this.

I don’t normally make new year resolutions, so this time is going to be no different. Although at lunch today, I was telling PK that my resolution this year is to go to Boston more often – aim for once a month, so we may average once in 3 months or so. When I move from here, I don’t want to have that regret that we didn’t go there often enough. I have that from our brief time in NJ, that we didn’t go to NYC more often, especially considering that we didn’t even have kids. We barely go to Boston once a year or so, that too when we have visitors.

A happy and healthy 2008 to everyone!

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Fun week

Hmmm, don’t know where to start. The last 10 days, we have just been visiting friends or having friends over, and all socializing is around food, so I’m now afraid to step on the scale. My clothes are already telling me what has happened.

AK (that is how A refers to himself now) tried skiing this weekend. He’s liking it, although he comes back completely exhausted. He’s had a fun week of movies with friends and sleepovers. All the plans I had for him (reading, music, math etc) didn’t fit anywhere. It is probably going to be tough for all of us to get back to our routines.

Today we went to Cambridge, after probably 2 years. I keep thinking we need to go to Boston more often, but somehow never works out. Added attraction was that we went with another family. First we went to the Harvard Muesum of Natural History. The kids enjoyed the huge collection of fossils, animal skeletons, birds etc. It was too much to see everything in the 2 hrs we spent there. We also looked at the Glass flowers collection which is quite amazing. The kids were getting hungry and  sleepy, so we headed to the Bombay Club for their huge lunch buffet and their great location and views. The kids did a so-so job but we all ate until we couldn’t get up. Reached back home by 4 pm or so and had a lazy, relaxing evening.

I’m dreading the return to work/school on Wednesday. The kids’ schedule had gone completely whacky, so we put them in bed today by 10 pm and hope to get back to original schedule in 2 days!

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First piano recital

This Saturday, A had hist first piano recital at a holiday party. He played 2 pieces, “Old McDonald” and “Mary had a little lamb”. He did great (may be the mom’s biased view, but still, he did good). He plays on the electric key board at home, but watching him sit at the grand piano, dressed well and play the songs, it was a great joy.  

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Kart racing in Boston

Yesterday, we went on a team event from work. The chosen activity was Kart racing at F1 Boston. It was an indoor race track and my first time at such a place. The place was impressive – not just the track, but the lounge, restaurant etc. They started off by making us sign waivers. Next was a 1/2 hour briefing on the rules and safety tips. I found that whole thing too daunting (explaining each color coded flag, earnings, penalties, ejections etc). After that, we had to wear full body racing suits, neck braces and a helmet. I felt a bit claustrophobic in that attire. We were a 13 member group, so we were divided into 2 groups and allowed 2 races (10 laps each). And then 10 of them did a “final” race.

I’m not a big fan of driving or driving related thrills, so needless to say I was one of the last three to finish, in both races. It also didn’t help that the fastest driver was in my group and whenever he finished his 10 laps, it was all over. There was only one other woman and she was one of the last three too, in her group. But the guys had a lot of fun and couldn’t stop talking about it for hours afterwards. They also hand out some print outs of “race driver analysis” with statistics of average lap time, fastest lap time etc and they were discussing it so excitedly.

They have a bar/restaurant on site. They had a few vegetarian choices. Food was good, much better than what I would have expected in a place like that. But it took a long time for the food to arrive and it was a really late lunch. Overall it was a good team event and I enjoyed being Danica Patrick for 1/2 hr (Kidding!). 

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