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Look up, what’s that?

Last weekend, we had some friends over from New Jersey. Saturday morning, we were all sitting at the kitchen table having idlis for breakfast, when we were pleasantly surprised to see a hot air balloon floating in our neighborhood. This is not really the first time, I have seen it a couple of times before, but still always nice to see one. The one I saw last time was going much lower down and went directly above our house. A and I were outside in the yard at that time and I was much more impressed with that sight.

Hot air balloon

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Family on wheels

That is how a friend referred to us when we were out in the neighborhood a few weeks ago.  On Sunday, we went biking on the Assabet River Rail trail and this was the first time I carried the camera, so I have some pictures. We don’t do the whole trail usually because at one end of the trail in Hudson, it goes through main streets in downtown and I don’t feel safe with the kids and all those vehicles. We usually start at the parking lot @ Brooks Pharmacy on Rt 85. From here, it is about 3.7 miles to the other end in Marlboro. There are no mile markers on the trail. I figured these distances from their published map. Parts of the trail is very nice shade for those hot days and some parts are exposed. It is not the most scenic of trails, but some sections are good.


Yesterday, we removed the training wheels on A’s bike. We had been talking about this for a month now. I had imagined that he would do ok going straight but will have issues turning, but he did just great. It was a non-event. After so many months, we went for an evening ride in the neighborhood yesterday, just so that he could ride his bike. I hope he can practice some more before summer is over. Thrilled as I am with this milestone, I felt a bit of sadness somewhere in my heart – yet another sign that he is a big boy now.

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Fun day at the beach

It has been very hot here this week and last. Especially last Friday and Saturday, both were 90+ days. Since we hadn’t been to the beach this summer (San Juan was in April), I thought it was the perfect opportunity. We did some hurried last minute shopping for coolers and sand toys and it was well worth the effort.

Salisbury beach was our destination. We left around 11 am, hoping to be there by 12.30 pm. Traffic was unbelievably slow just after 1/2 hr. We crawled and reached there by 2 pm (double the time it usually takes). The beach was nowhere near empty, but definitely not as crowded as I expected. After a quick lunch and then the sun screen routine, we went to find our spot on the beach. We spread our beach towels and the kids dived right into the sand. The sand was really hhottt. Afterwards we took turns playing in the water, since S was really scared and reluctant to come into the water. Although we did enjoy the water, the water temperatures in the NorthEast are never comfortably warm even in the peak of summer, so that is always a deterrent to entering the water. Then, the kids played some more on the sand, making crabs and turtles, pouring sand all over the beach towels. At about 6 pm, we started back. The drive home was much more peaceful – very light traffic and both the kids slept, so it was uneventful. I definitely enjoyed this visit more than the last time we were there.

Salisbury beach

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