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We spent all of Sunday at Canobie Lake Park in NH and had a wonderful time. This was our first visit there since A has not really been into the rides or anything. For the last 2 yrs we have taken him several times to Story Land where the rides are milder/gentler and coaxed him a lot to try many of them. He once famously told PK, “This is the last ride, ok daddy? Mommy’s alone and we have to go back”, just about 45 minutes after going there. This was when I was pregnant with S and so PK had taken A alone to Story Land. PK was saying roles were reversed – none of the kids wanted to leave and the parents were saying that to them. Anyway, now all that effort has paid off and he was a bit more willing to try many of the rides here. And here they had rides of all levels, so we enjoyed some of them too. Of course, it was slower since PK & I had to take turns watching the kids and going on the rides. We went with another family with similar aged kids and that was helpful. But still, with the little ones being so young – diaper duty, nap times …

Crazy cupsmini bumper carscarousel

In stark contrast to A, S loves these rides. We took her on a few of the ones on which toddlers were allowed and she absolutely enjoyed them. She didn’t want to get off the carousel. When PK went to untie her belt, she was yelling “Go away”, “Walk away” and crying. She was traumatized whenever the rides ended. There was another ride called crazy cups which even the 4 yr olds were getting scared but she just couldn’t stop screaming joyfully. I think she’ll be good company in the years to come when we go on the huge roller-coasters (assuming we are not too old and scared to ride by then!). At around 7 pm, we all reluctantly left the place. All of us were in a mood for more and the place was open till 10 pm but PK had an early morning flight to Long Island (he usually wakes up at 4 am for those), so we had to force ourselves out.

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I feel so old. That was a bad start because I don’t want to make this about me. This was a big week for A. He turned 6. It has gone by so quickly, it is almost scary. I remember 6.5 yrs ago, when we were expecting and bought our current house, everyone was asking us if the school district was good and whether we had looked around based on that. My reaction was “the baby is not even born yet. Why worry about schools which is so far away?”. And here we are, he’s standing at the threshold of first grade.

Today was his last day at his current school. He’s been going there since he was one and it was emotional saying bye. Many of his teachers from then are still around and they were all reminiscing too. S will still be there, so we’ll be seeing them daily, but still. The next two weeks, I’ll be working from home (my boss is so generous and understanding about these issues despite her not having kids), so A will stay home with me. Hopefully he’ll just play, watch a bit of TV, read and be mostly independent. Just some down time for him before he starts summer camp in July. I’ll get to spend some time with him – lunch and other small breaks through out the day. Looking forward to it.

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So there’s this man who happens to be the dad of another kid in A’s kindergarten. In the school that the kids go to, there are plenty of other Indian kids but in Kindergarten A and this man’s son are the only Indians. He behaved so badly at so many levels at the said party that I’m disgusted and don’t know how to get back at him.

Let me give some background first. Other than the fact that we are from the same country, we have nothing else in common. We don’t know them outside of school, haven’t socialized. Heck, we don’t even see each other often in school, may be once a month with the customary hellos and byes. And he thought he was perfectly entitled to my stuff without any please or thank you, just because we are both Indians.

He came to the party and apparently forgot to get his camera and wanted to use mine to take some pictures, which is fine, not a big deal. Its the way he went about it that irked me. Until I showed up his cell phone pictures were good enough, but after I was there, he wanted all my stuff. If I picked up my camcorder to record, he would reach for my camera without asking and merrily clicked away. And I don’t want to give my camcorder to anyone for fear that they will overwrite on my tape (has happened before). Just at the moment that I wanted to take a picture, I wouldn’t find the camera. After the certificates were handed out, he was busily taking singles of his son. I was anxious to get it from him since A was insisting on changing into T-shirt and shorts and time was of the essence. I took A to his teachers for a picture with them and he’s pushing his son over too and even before I click mine, he’s pestering me to take one of his son too. I was growing more irritated by the minute.

Next about the food. There was a sign up sheet 10 days before the day of the party for parents to volunteer for snacks and such. Now, I lack any talent in baking, but I always sign-up for ice cream, paper goods and such. This guy didn’t sign up for anything (his wife doesn’t come to the school that often), came empty handed and was the first adult to hit the snack table and start eating! I don’t want to sound like a cheapskate. It is not like he has to bring in something to be admitted, but please, don’t you feel anything? At least, wait for the others to start serving themselves and not make yourself so conspicuous.

Anyway, at the end of the party, he walks towards me – not to say bye, not to thank me for using my camera/video but to tell me that he’ll leave me his email address and I should email him the pictures. Ugh. I’m SO tempted to just delete his pictures. But I feel that the poor kid should not be punished (he will probably want those pictures later in life) for his father’s lack of manners. And I wonder how can such people teach their kids good manners.

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Today was the end of the year party at A’s kindergarten. The kids had been looking forward to it. A wanted “handsome clothes”, not just “regular clothes”, so we had done some shopping over the weekend. I’m glad we didn’t go overboard because the bulk of the kids  were just in their “regular clothes”. There were 11 kids and each had chosen and nd illustrated their nd illustrated their favorite song. The school had made a book out of those 11 songs + 1 page each describing what the kids wanted to be when they grew up. At the party, they all sang the chosen songs enthusiastically. Then certificates were handed out.  Neat stuff. I can’t believe he’s entering first grade in the fall. Where did all the years go?

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I realized what a verbose, lengthy narrative my last post was, without even a picture to prove my claims about the natural beauty of the place. And it definitely was needed to break the monotony of my words. So, I’m trying to make up. The pictures don’t do the place full justice, but I can only try.

DriveBanffBanff AvenueIcefields ParkwayPeyto LakeDome GlacierUpper fallsMoraine LakeLake LouiseVermillion lakesMt RundleBanff Springs hotelView point on Icefields Parkway

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The Canadian Rockies were every bit as beautiful as I had imagined. The trip didn’t start out so good. We had a 4.5 hrs long layover in Chicago. After we boarded the flight there, we were sitting on the runway for over an hour with mechanical problems. It was hot and they grumbled to serve water. The kids behaved exceptionally well. We finally landed in Calgary 2.5 hrs late and it was snowing! By the time we reached the hotel and went to bed, it was past midnight. When we woke up in the morning, there was a white coat on the cars, roads and trees.


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