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Can’t wait for April

Does everyone spend so much time planning vacations? I should admit upfront that we don’t always – just this one. It started out as a wish to visit one of the carribean islands. First, there’s the wide choice of islands, then there is the decision of whether to take a cruise and visit a few or just visit one island, park there and really enjoy the place. I say this because, the minute I mention the carribean, many ask why we aren’t taking a cruise.

We would like to try a cruise sometime, just for the experience, but I would prefer a shorter one like 3-4 days. Also with a cruise, you just get to spend a few hours in a place, which is not something I care for. I know the most common advice on that is to just sample a few places and then go on a longer vacation to a place we like, but it is unlikely we are going back again and again. We are also a bit concerned about the food. I know everyone offers vegetarian meals, but not all vegetarian meals are created equal and I can’t imagine eating that variety for a week. We almost went to Jamaica in 2005 on this cruise, with my parents, but they were all sold out pretty quickly after it was announced. I’m also not very keen on first flying to a port of departure in Florida and then cruising but thats where the best carribean cruises start. From near home, there’s a handful of cruises departing, mostly to places in Canada. So, for now, the cruise will have to wait.

Ideally we would have liked to go to St. Kitts or Jamaica, but due to the World Cup Cricket scheduled there at that time, the air tickets were unaffordable. After following air ticket prices to St. Kitts for many days, we settled for Puerto Rico. In a way, I think this will be a blessing – from what I’m reading PR is a very kid friendly destination. Although planning is fun, it can be a huge time sink too … Hope it turns out to be worth that effort.

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All about S

To sum it up – she’s a pint sized terror. At less than 17 months she has a strong personality and a temper too. She can show her anger, sometimes subtly and other times, not so. She seems to be going through her terrible 2s pretty early. She’s lot of fun though. Her teachers in day care agree on both counts. She’s learnt many rhymes/songs over the last few weeks and is a joy to watch performing “Baa Baa black sheep” or “Twinkle twinkle”. She says her teacher’s names, A’s name etc besides the usal mommy, daddy, hi, bye etc. She calls A “Aroo”, no doubt taught in day care, as we always call him by his shorter name.

I’ve heard from other parents that girls can be drama queens. Mine showed me a first glimpse. This morning, she was just holding her hair at the top of her head and pretending to pull it and shouts out “ow ow” and then says to herself “gentle, gentle …”

The sad part is we are not able to capture as much of her on tape as we did of A. Barely any recordings in the last several months and she’s grown and changed so much during this period. She’s also left handed. Feels strange and cute to watch her feed herself and hold pens/crayons in her left hand – Some how makes her dad very happy …

She absolutely loves books. After we are done reading many times a day and I send her off when I’m busy, she goes into a cozy corner and reads aloud by herself. Even when we drop her off at school, instead of going for toys or playing with friends, she settles into a corner with her book. Not that she’s not social. She loves company and is all grins when he have someone over. But probably in familiar environments, she goes for books?

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February update

After a mild start to the year, winter is back with a vengeance. It has been several weeks at or below freezing. We had the first big storm of the season yesterday. Lots of snow and frozen rain for a good 24 hrs.

Its been a hectic few weeks. First A had an ear infection. Then S had a bout of terrible wheezing along with the usual cold and cough. At the same time PK had the flu. Then I had to go to Portland on business (although I was guilty leaving them all behind in that state, it was good to be there after so many years. The place has changed so much! May be more on that some other time). Now S has an ear infection. So between home, work, and pediatrician vists several times a week, not much time for anything else.

A is doing some fun things though. Last weekend, we had been to Dean Park with friends of ours with similar aged kids. They all had a blast on the snow/ice. A did some good ice skating. I hadn’t seen in a while since their rink visits are at the same time when S naps. Then the kids did some sledding. Weather was good and it felt nice to be out. He also went to a roller skating rink (first time) with the same friends and I heard he did good there too . So I’m looking forward to summer when we can go on some trails.

We have also had a spate of bad news. My sister-in-law’s mom passed away. Few days after that we heard that a friend lost his job. And then PK’s brother’s father-in-law passed away. I know it sounds like a far off relation, but we knew him and had met him on our recent trip to Thanjavur few months ago. So it was rough. His sister-in-law left at a few hrs notice with a 2 yr old in tow on the long flight back. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to fly with a toddler alone on such a long trip, even under normal circumstances. But with this on her mind …

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